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Thanks (Payback time...)
As with any great project, I could not have made this emulator alone. I would like to say thank you to the following people:
  • Marat Fayzullin - For writing his infamous NES architecture document, and for creating one of the first NES emulators.
  • Y0shi - For writing his also infamous "NEStech" doc. The majority of the information used to create this emulator came from this document.
  • Loopy - For writing some concise, yet informative docs on the NES PPU and its registers.
  • Matt Conte - For coming up with such a nice color palette.
  • Memblers - For giving me a much needed explanation of the triangle linear counter.
  • Jabo - For helping me with my Mapper #4 problem, and for creating the best NES emulator of all time - JNES.
  • Everyone on the NESDEV message board that helped me out and put up with my constant pestering on the NES sound channels :)
  • Benjamin Siskoo and Pioule - For translating the French version of NEStron.
  • Mighty Mo - For spellchecking this section of my website. Ummm...Ok.

I would also like to say thanks for nothing to the following people, each of whom did nothing more than play my emulator at school when I brought it in and put it on the school PCs. Simultaneously, I apologize for the many homework assignments that my emulator cost these poor souls as they played/watched me play:

  • Tim Martin
  • Brian Lewis
  • Anonymous Big Burly Russian