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NEStron! Features/Updates

Version 0.6.6b - Updates

  • Fixed WinXP USB controller bug.

Version 0.6.5b - Updates

  • Added turbo/rapidfire
  • Hopefully fixed a few controller bugs.
  • Minor miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Cooler snow.

Version 0.6.4b - Updates:

  • Fixed sound a sound latency bug.
  • Fixed a SaveRAM bug introduced in version 0.6.3b.

Version 0.6.3b - Updates:

  • Added automatic frameskip.
  • Added software stretch mode - choose from Hardware Stretch, Pixel Resize, Full Scanlines, 75% Scanlines, 50% Scanlines, 25% Scanlines, Interpolation, LED Display, and SmartScale.
  • Hopefully fixed some crashing bugs associated with game controllers.
  • Fixed joypad axis sensitivity problems.
  • Added Game Genie support.
  • Fixed a few games (Super Contra).
  • Fixed another sound bug in the savestate/loadstate features.
  • The GUI Window is now red :)
  • SaveRAM is now saved if a game writes to it, regardless of whether or not the ROM defines SaveRAM existent.

Version 0.6.2b - Updates:

  • Added Fast Forward (again) (Press ~)
  • Added Stereo Sound
  • Tweaked CPU timing a bit. This may make some games work incorrectly, but it makes most games run a lot better.
  • Added "recent folders" menu.
  • Fixed a sound bug in the savestate/loadstate features.

Version 0.6.1b - Updates:

  • Added NES Movie feature
  • Fixed mapper 3 video mirroring bug (sqoon)
  • Fixed a bug in the BRK opcode
  • Added NTSC/PAL speed switching
  • Fixed a bug in sprite 0 detection
  • Fixed mapper 4 graphics bug (Zombie Nation)
  • Fixed VRAM Addressing bug (transition effect of Final Fantasy 1 + 3)
  • The NESticle Palette is now the default palette. To change color palettes, click "Options->Graphics->Color Palettes" and select the desired palette.

Version 0.6.0b - Updates:


  • Recoded for more accurate emulation - many more games work that didn't before.
  • Fixed a CPU timing bug - no more need for selectable "cycles per scanline" speed.
  • No more error messages - if a game doesn't work, you'll know - you don't need NEStron to tell you :).
  • It is no longer necessary to restart NEStron to run some games after another game has been loaded.
  • Reset works now.
  • Added "pause" feature.
  • Added "advance frame" feature. Great for getting 3 cherries in a row on the slot machine in Mario 2. :)
  • Added savestate support.

APU (sound)

  • Recoded everything in C++. This may slow NEStron down a bit, but my Athlon 700 actually runs this version faster than the old one (I don't know why...).
  • Fixed up the length counters. This fixes many sound bugs that the old version had.
  • No more need for "Disable Length Counters" or "Startropics audio fix".
  • DMC doesn't pop any more. Added on/off interpolation. Games like Kirby sound perfect.
  • DMC plays at the correct pitch/frequency now.
  • Fixed up triangle linear counter (Zelda).
  • Added waveform synthesizer.

PPU (graphics)

  • Back sprites are now drawn in the correct priority.
  • Added optional 8 sprites per scanline limitation (found on the NES)
  • Customizable color palette.
  • No more slight color differences between BG color and tile color (intro to kirby/intro to megaman 5).
  • Video mirroring problem fixed (Zelda/Metriod/DW2).
  • Now supports 16/32 bit rendering
  • Added selectable fullscreen resolution.
  • Added widescreen windowed mode.


  • Fixed a mapper 7 video mirroring bug (battletoads/capt. Skyhawk).


  • Player 2 seems to work a lot better now.
  • Pressing ALT during the game doesn't call up NEStron's menu.
  • It is now possible to assign "spacebar" to the controls.
  • Recent ROM list added.
  • Remembers the last ROM directory you browsed through.
  • Snow effect on the GUI.

Version 0.5.6b - Updates:

  • NEStron now doesn't steal processor power when window is inactive.

Version 0.5.5b - Updates:

  • Fixed a bug reading PPU memory - a few more games work now.
  • Hacked away at the CPU core.

Version 0.5.4b - Updates:

  • Enlarged noise lookup table - should sound more random (better).
  • Triangle wave doesn't "pop" anymore.
  • DMC Channel output reset when not in use - produces much less "poppy" sound.
  • Reversed Square 2 output phase - square channels 1 + 2 no longer cancel each other out. (Zelda 2)
  • Output volume has been lowered to stop sound from distorting when all five channels are active.

Version 0.5.3b - Updates:

  • Added DMC sound channel support. Sounds good on all games except Kirby :(
  • Some more games seem to work correctly now (Little Nemo, FF3). I don't know exactly what I did to fix them - but it's a nice surprise.
  • Renamed the "Disable Length Counters" audio option to "Startropics Audio Fix". Hopefully this will be a bit more straightforward for the user.
  • Probably some other minor stuff I forgot about.

Version 0.5.2b - Updates:

  • The INI File will now be saved when a game in an outside directory is loaded.


Version 0.5.1b - Updates:

  • Speed control is now handled internally - much smoother Non-VSYNC gameplay.
  • Added Fast Forward option (press ~)
  • The INI File now won't be erased when a game screws up.


Version 0.5.0b - First public release:

Emulation cores:

6502 CPU (written in x86 assembly)
PPU video unit (written in x86 assembly)
APU sound unit
Currently emulates mappers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7

6502 Features

  • Implemented all 6502 opcodes
  • Implemented many 6502 bugs
  • Implemented NES-specific Memory Shadowing
  • 6502 Emulation cores written in x86 assembly by JoshMan

PPU Features

  • Supports both windowed and fullscreen video modes (16-bit color)
  • Accurate mid-frame VRAM address change
  • Very pretty color lookup palette
  • Uses DirectX 7.0 to interface with video hardware
  • PPU Emulation cores written in x86 assembly by JoshMan

APU Features

  • Currently Emulates the Square Wave Channels, Triangle Channel, and Noise Channel (DMC channel added in version 0.5.3b)
  • Produces floating-point accurate sound reproduction at a 16-bit 44.1 KHz sampling rate with very little CPU overhead
  • Uses DirectX 7.0 to interface with audio hardware
  • APU Emulation cores written in C++/assembly by JoshMan


  • Emulates many American memory mappers - iNES mapper #'s 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7
  • Mapper Emulation cores written in C++/assembly by JoshMan


Other Cool Features:

Supports battery-backed cartridge RAM
Supports 2 controllers (however player 2 is a bit buggy at the moment)
supports joystick input