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Contact Info....
    As a high-schooler with my own life, I would personally rather you DIDN'T E-mail me questions regarding the usage/status of this emulator. However if you feel you need urgent help/responses for some strange astronomical reason, keep the following conditions in mind:
  • I do NOT want to hear people whine and bitch about how their favorite game doesn't work.
  • I do NOT want to hear stupid suggestions like "Get this game to work", "Add Savestate support" or "Make the emulator faster/better".
  • I will NOT tell you where to find ROMs. I am NOT a software pirate, and this is NOT a ROM site.
  • I will NOT give out my source code, or port it to some crazy OS (MacOS, Anyone? :) .
  • I will NOT tell you when the next release is going to occur.

   If you've read the above conditions, and feel your question/comment is still valid, then you are welcome to E-mail me at Remember, however, that my life is NOT devoted to this emulator - I cannot guarantee that I will respond to your message.