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Selected Feedback
From: Squaw Koobick
Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2002 12:39 AM
hey you faggot and the fuckin nestron shit

i just put my cuntputer keyboard together after demolishing the fucker
because that nestron shit dont work after i restored my fucker so im stuck
with a shitload of games that i had to sit through pop up after popup to get
and fuck all to play them on so what do i do you fucker? get back as soon as
you get the chicken out of your asshole you asshole.

Mr. Squaw Koobic,

How I do cry as I read your letter, for you are obviously a very quick-witted and intelligent person, and I would just die if I didn't have your respect and admiration, Mr. Koobick. After taking your advice, I did indeed pull the chicken out of my asshole, and as I did, I realized how sorry I was that the misuse of my emulator forced you to destroy your cuntputer keyboard. Perhaps I should append this statement in the disclaimer in hopes to prevent such an event from occurring again:

"Warning - do not throw keyboard at wall."

This will indeed make the use of NEStron much more straightforward. I do understand, Mr. Squawk, that downloading these games forced you to give up an exciting night spent in your parents' basement downloading pornography while listening to Korn and eating an entire bag of double-stuffed Oreo cookies. After suffering through such maltreatment and pain, you should do something to take your mind off this horrible tragedy. Why don't you take the chicken I just pulled out of my ass and eat it?